Best Healthy chinese food

Best Healthy chinese food

What’s hiding in your Schezwan Chicken??

What should we have for dinner tonight that won’t be a caloric bomb? Burger? Pizza? Pasta? Oh wait lets have Chinese! Unfortunately, Chinese food is bursting with calories! There has been a wrong impression that Chinese food is a nutritive alternative since it’s mainly vegetarian. It can only be considered healthy if it is eaten in moderation and the dish is chosen carefully.

Since restaurants do not give the details of the ingredients related Healthy Chinese Food on the menu, let’s have a look at how Chinese food could be made healthy:

Healthy chinese food.

Meat such as fish, chicken without skin, shrimp and tofu should be preferred as they are low in calorie count. Heavy meat containing unhealthy trans fat which includes beef, pork or chicken with skin should be averted.


Anything that is steamed, barbequed, poached, roasted, lightly stir fried or braised is good. Steer clear of items that are covered in any sort of coating, example breaded or battered.


It will be advisable to focus on the vegetables either in stir fry or steamed form. Even though vegetables are the fresh and nutritious part of the dish, they are not very low on calories. When served with sauce or deep fried in oil it raises the caloric level.

You can always ask for an extra serving of the vegetables on your dish.


Limited consumption of refined forms of carbohydrates such as white rice and noodles should be done. Brown rice should be preferred with healthy Chinese food.

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So what is hiding in your Schezwan Chicken? According to a survey, a lot of salt! Chinese food can also be high in sodium which contributes to blood pressure problems, such as hypertension, warns the American Heart Association. The sauces used in the preparation of the dish are lofty in salt, there is no need of adding it separately. Sauces such as Hoisin, duck, hot mustard have a very high content of sodium.

The chef can be asked to hold on the sauce regarding the amount he or she uses while preparing the dish. In addition to this, it would be better to eat with a fork or chopstick in order to leave behind some sauce.

Chinese food is sometimes the cause of Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.


After having had a Chinese meal some individuals undergo a bad reaction. They are sensitive to a substance that is commonly used as a flavour enhancer, monosodium glutamate (MSG). People complain of chest pain, flushing, headaches and sweating within two hours of eating .Anyone who is sensitive to MSG containing foods should try to abstain from any intake.

When you go for a Chinese meal again, don’t finish up all the sauce and don’t eat up all the fried noodles. The next time you crave for schezwan chicken or shrimp dumplings remember how to go about it! Watch out for the moderation and choose the dish carefully.

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