X-Ray Technicians Salary

X-Ray Technicians Salary

An X-ray technician salary will depend on several factors including the technician’s level of education, responsibility, and experience. The more the technician is able to operate advanced equipment, the more highly skilled they are, the more money they can expect to make. At the most basic level, these technicians learn how to operate radiological equipment, under the guidance of a doctor.

With one or two years of trade school completed, technicians are capable of operating several different models of X-ray equipment. They also learn how to position patients on the examining table for the clearest image, to help doctors reach a diagnosis. However, at this level an X-ray technologist will not have the technical knowledge to interpret these results on their own.

By pursuing a couple more years of college, however, they can increase their X-ray technician salary by being able to also provide a diagnosis in addition to operating the X-ray equipment. This requires two to four years of training, leading to a bachelor’s degree. Typical courses can include biology, anatomy, physics, physiology, medical ethics, and medical terminology in this type of program, although licensing and examinations will vary depending on the state.

On the upper end of the salary spectrum, the X-ray tech salary for a radiologist with several years of experience and a bachelor’s degree could be as high as $300,000, if they specialize in diagnostic radiology. There are many opportunities for advancement within the field of radiology, as it’s possible to enter the industry at a lower level of education and then take courses while you are working and gaining hands-on experience. This means that growth potential within the field is quite high, and the demand for qualified X-ray technicians is only expected to keep growing over the next decade or two, as the population ages.